COVID 19 Update – Important changes / Opening for business.

COVID 19 Update – Important changes / Opening for business.

Dear Clients

After many months of uncertainty, I am pleased to finally announce that I am open once again for business. Yay !!!!!

I am sincerely grateful for your patience and loyalty throughout the period I was unable to offer my services, and I look forward to saying hello again soon.
Some treatments have been amended or removed altogether from my treatment menu list partly due to some restrictions that might be in place…

Tolerate the loss of traditional personal touches…

Beauty salons are synonymous with an intimate, personal experience – but sadly we all need to accept that our ‘new normal’ can’t accommodate that in the same way. While salons and spas will be conscious to make the experience as special as possible due to restrictions such as masks, gloves and perspex screens, it is easy to lose the traditional ‘personal’ touch…

As always my priority will be to provide you with an amazing treatment experience but also to encompass additional safety and well being.

As a consequence, some treatments will be removed from my treatment menu and others may be adapted to reduce the risk of cross-infection. These include treatments that increase the salon humidity such as steaming and hot stones.

There will also be some additional process steps added in terms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Additional changes I have implemented to reduce risks are as follows:

  • Some treatments will require you the client, to wear face masks – these will be provided free of charge as a part of your treatment fee… please discuss these with me prior to your appointment.
  • Prior to attending your treatment, I will contact you to ensure you are well enough to attend your appointment. Please DO NOT attend your appointment if you develop a sore throat, persistent cough, temperature above 37.8, a sudden absence of smell/taste or a general feeling of unwellness. I will not be charging for cancelled appointments due to these reasons.
  • I will be seeking to obtain payments BEFORE the treatment. I will kindly request payment at the time of booking.
  • Wearing a protective mask for prolonged periods of time is a challenge. Please don’t be offended if I communicate less during your treatment –  breathing and therefore talking through the mask is hard work.
  • Given the above, until further notice, I will not be providing massage for periods of longer than 60 minutes.
  • I will be looking to reduce contact time within the salon as it is an enclosed space. After your treatment, all future appointments should be made via the telephone or via email/SMS at a later date.
  • You will be offered sanitising gel prior to and after your treatment. Please let me know if you have any allergy concerns in relation to this process. If you cannot use alcohol gel please ensure you bring an alternative sanitiser.
  • The above list is subject to change without notice to reflect best practice and government guidance at the time to ensure continuous safety and well being.
Prior to attending your appointment please reaffirm yourself with the following points:
  • If in doubt don’t go out.
  • Please ensure you are not exhibiting any COVID -19 symptoms prior to attending your appointment.
  • Please ensure you are prompt for your appointment and arrive alone if possible.
  • Only bring or wear to your appointment what is absolutely necessary.
  • Future bookings will only be made online or by telephone and not within the salon setting after your treatment.
  • Card Payments or bank transfers only are kindly requested IN ADVANCE of your appointment. If this is not possible please ensure that cash amounts are correct.
In closing, I am grateful for your continued understanding and loyalty. Whilst these changes might seem strange to begin with please rest assured that I will try my best to ensure you receive what you have come to expect from your visit.
Thank you for your understanding and patience…
Charlie x